Self Care

Before I start to really get into the traumas of my past I need to remind myself of the importance of self care. When I first heard the term self care I thought it was some kind of selfish thing to do. Why take time for yourself when there are so many other things to take care of and personally I was too depressed and tired to even think too hard about the topic.

I was reminded last night about the importance of self care or radical self love. Last night was a very emotional night for me and at this particular zoom meeting I shared some of the things that were on my mind, specifically the new memories, which have been coming forward more and more. I was saying I had not been able to perform any type of self care last night. I received a ton of support saying going to the meeting was a form of self care.

I read this meditation today:

Let The Universe Help You

“Let the universe help you. You are not in this world alone. You never have been, although your belief may have created that illusion.

Tell the universe what you want. Tell a friend. Tell God, too. Tell yourself. Write it down on a list. Be clear and forthright about what you need and want. Talk as if you are talking a friend. That is not control. That is learning to own your creative power–your power to help create your life. Then let go. Do not stand tapping your foot, impatiently waiting. Simply let go, the way you would if you trusted your friend to respond positively, in a way that was best for you.

Go naturally about the course of your life. Listen to your heart. Listen to your inner voice. What you are guided to do, where you are guided to go, where your attention is directed, the people you meet, the phone calls you receive, the experiences you have–even the problems that arise–these are some ways the universe can respond to you.

Open your eyes. Look around. See how the universe responds. Watch how it dances for you, with you. You are connected to a magical loving universe, one that will come alive for you, dance for you, in ways you cannot imagine–but in ways you will come to know as true

Look within , too. Sometimes the most gentle, quiet, flickering thought–that glimmer of an idea, that awareness of a need or desire, or that small bit of inspiration or intuition–is how the universe prepares us for what it wants is to do or receive. Our inner voice, the one in our heart, is an important part of the way we’re guided and led down our path.”

Journey To The Heart, by Melody Beattie

It went so well with another form of meditation I use. This one was about letting the universe powerfully respond the instant I realign with love. This reminded me of last night’s meeting. Radical self love. When we are able to love ourselves, even just a small part, the universe will respond.

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I'm a trauma survivor on her journey of healing

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