Major Hiccup

Well I was very triggered by my last post. The day after I suddenly was dizzy, had vertigo, and could not keep anything down. I’ve been suffering with this for almost a week. I did see a doctor and was given medication to help.

They do not know what is wrong and are hoping the medication will help. I have to lay in bed with a eye mask on very tightly so no light comes in and so I can’t see the room because the room is spinning. It’s been very hard.

While lying in bed I had a long time to think about my trauma recovery journey. I meditated a lot. It was really all I could do except think and sleep. I really think my journey is really continuing in the right direction. I need to be patient with myself because the journey is long and hard.

I’ve come a long way from how I was living in 2019 and most of 2020. When I look back on the person I was and who I am today, I am so surprised how far I’ve come. I was thinking I was stuck and being in bed made me realize I’ve done the work. This means I am a person in recovery and sobriety. This makes me so happy and I want to jump for joy.

I will continue my journey by sharing more of my story when I can see without the room spinning. Until then, be well.

Published by Lizzie

I'm a trauma survivor on her journey of healing

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