Advice I’ve Received Over The Years

This was a topic from one of my meetings. Wow what a topic. I’ve never really given much thought about advice I’ve received over the years. I want to sit and think about this for a while but now is not the time. It is time to write about it in a stream of consciousness.Continue reading “Advice I’ve Received Over The Years”

Random Thought

I’ve had a lot of time this week to meditate and think. It has been so aggravating to be stuck in bed again. I hate being stuck in bed. I hate having health issues which are a result of the past trauma I have had. I have chronic migraines (every day), fibromyalgia, and intestinal issues.Continue reading “Random Thought”

Being Part Of A Community

I am learning about being a part of a community. I have lived my life as a lonely introvert. Yeah I was that girl who sat in the corner reading. I am currently involved in a group I never thought I would be a part of. They are so supportive and loving. It is soContinue reading “Being Part Of A Community”