Major Hiccup

Well I was very triggered by my last post. The day after I suddenly was dizzy, had vertigo, and could not keep anything down. I’ve been suffering with this for almost a week. I did see a doctor and was given medication to help. They do not know what is wrong and are hoping theContinue reading “Major Hiccup”


Memories are something that can be good or they can be bad. I have a lot of great memories from my time as a wife and mother. I really don’t have many good memories about my childhood. I can recall some memories of going on some great vacations but that’s about it. My memories fromContinue reading “Memories”

Having such a hard few days

Yesterday and today have been awful for me. I’ve been doing all this self care but nothing has been working. Today my son, who I had to give my beautiful cat when my husband had a stroke and we had to move to an apartment, told me my cat is about to die. I criedContinue reading “Having such a hard few days”

Being Part Of A Community

I am learning about being a part of a community. I have lived my life as a lonely introvert. Yeah I was that girl who sat in the corner reading. I am currently involved in a group I never thought I would be a part of. They are so supportive and loving. It is soContinue reading “Being Part Of A Community”