What Is SRA?

Satanic/occult ritual abuse will also include acts which were listed under spiritual abuse and ritual abuse.

– Religion is heavily involved, mainly in the involvement of worship to satan, as well as including pagan rituals and witchcraft.

– The abuse that is part of the ceremonies involved with satanic ritual abuse is often quite severe, bizarre, unimaginable, and horrific.

– Sexual abuse is often done by several members of the group to an individual.

– Ceremonies of sacrifices is a very common, and frequent report.

– Victims may have experienced being buried alive, undergone so-called medical procedures and experiments, and/or had to prove their loyalty to the group by doing whatever was demanded of the victim.

– Sex is often a major part of many of the rituals involved and often will involve many different instruments, as well as other individuals, and/or animals.

– Psychological control and intimidation are often used to gain control over the victims.

– Victims may have been forced or threatened to engage in abusing others.

– Victims are silenced with threats made to the victim by showing, enforcing, or intimidating what will happen to others who have told.

– Certain dates are very important and observed in satanic ritual abuse.

When an individual has been a victim of satanic/occult ritual abuse, healing can take place. Overcoming the effects of satanic/occult ritual abuse can be difficult and challenging but with the support of a caring therapist, the healing can be achievable.

Satanic/Occult Ritual Abuse

The satanic panic of the 1980’s has really made it hard for those of us who were truly abused by a satanic ritual group. Because of this panic many therapists and the general public may not believe a person who states they have been abused in this way. It has made my trauma story really hard to find therapists and people who can help and understand what I am going through. SRA is real and there are survivors out there. We deserve to be heard. We deserve healing. I want to be able to speak my truth and not feel embarrassed by what I went through.0opht

Published by Lizzie

I'm a trauma survivor on her journey of healing

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